November Update from Northland Partners

Hi Partners! I know it’s been a very long time. The Bazaar kept me busy, then working on the Northland Collective project is also taking up time, plus I’m dealing with some personal transitions and now it’s near the end of year madness. But I want to reconnect in January so stay tuned! I also may be reaching out to some of you as I want to put more focus onto figuring out how to help area organizations build their capacity.

Also, while my plan is to keep the Bazaar going, I need a few committed people to help me. Please let me know if that’s you so we can start strong when the new year starts!

I recently had a conversation with a lady from the Harmony Project ( While they are a choir, membership is “paid” in volunteer work. So if you have a community service need, please use thisĀ Harmony Project Volunteer Request. This could be a great resource for some of you, and they would love to know Northland better as it is their new “home” for practices. I also plan to invite her to our January meeting.

The Harmony Project is also giving me some tickets to their December 6 concert ( They would like me to pass them on so folks from our community can attend. Please let me know if you and/or anyone from your organization or community would like some!

Thank you all and if I don’t see some of you before the year is over, have a blessed holiday season!