Thank you for supporting the Northland Bazaar1

Hi Partners: Thanks so much to all of you who participated, volunteered,  helped spread the word, shopped and supported the 2nd Northland Community Bazaar in many different ways.

I wanted to share my photos and request if you have any to add them to the album:

Also, if you put out yard signs (thank you!), would you kindly return the stakes to the Ink Well (1939 E Dublin Granville Rd) so they can reuse them, or let me know where I can pick them up from you.

Finally, it’s been a little while since we have met as a group. Besides the Bazaar, I’ve been working on another project involving community organizations and businesses. We are hoping to build up a business incubator/co-working space that will generate some economic life while bringing the community together supporting the work many organizations are doing here.  If you want to be involved in this and are not already, let me know and I’ll loop you in.

I do want the Northland Partners to meet again and catch up and talk about our aim, probably in November.

Stay in touch!